Citizen National Guard’s Response to Critics

October 7, 2017

The President has publicly declared their discovery that the Maute-led terrorists were well-funded by the drug syndicates. It is reasonable to conclude that major destabilization efforts by the CPP-NPA and the seditious yellowtard opposition are also directly or indirectly funded by drug money.

None of these groups have categorically denied that they plan to remove Duterte by any illegal means available to them. The CIA’s covert presence, as is their MO (modus operandi), can be observed and felt weaving the regime change operation. The Citizen National Guard (CNG) agrees with the President that a conspiracy to remove him and ultimately create a nation in chaos exists–because CHAOS is the objective of the enemies of the state.

The Filipino people must rise as ONE NATION, rally behind the Philippine Flag, and Support the President, duly elected by the people!

The CNG is NOT supported by government resources and it does not recruit! It is sought by the citizenry for its stand to DEFEND THE COUNTRY, PROTECT THE PEOPLE, and to SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT (at this time; PRRD)!

The CNG is NOT a vigilante group! Its stand is to awaken the patriotism and nationalism of true Filipinos loyal to the land of their birth! Many of the CNG are former soldiers, now retired, some are in the reserve forces, but the great majority are citizens who love their country as their own and will fight to their last breaths to preserve their patrimony and sovereignty! No traitors are listed in this national movement! This is the CITIZEN NATIONAL GUARD!

October 7, 2017
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