Once upon a time, a group of us, patriotic and nationalistic Filipinos, (once active but now retired members of the ARMED FORCES OF THE PHILIPPINES, who were deployed to engage in combat, reserve officers and civilians, who were once employed as career civil servants of the government bureaucracy), were seated in a round table discussion which delved on the state of the country and the Filipino people, and which eventually laid bare the hardships, challenges, defeats that had been the root causes of the failed state of the Philippines! We covered the sufferings brought about by treachery, poverty brought about by the failure of the leaders to care for the country and people, the rapid proliferation of drugs and illegal gambling cartels, and which were exacerbated by the enactments of the PPP (Public-Private Partnership) which awarded the basic utilities to the private sector, EPIRA (Electric Power Industry Reform Act) that raised the cost of living and finally, the worst; the officialization of executive agreements such as the VFA (Visiting Forces Agreement) and the EDCA (Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement), were projected by the Executive Branch with the subtle collusion of the Judiciary, and were made to condition the peoples’ mindset as if these were treaties when they are not! Such agreements and law lowered the esteem, integrity and image of a country and people, once well-respected in Asia and the world. The country underwent a steep regression that ends now in having lost its light, medium and heavy industries, once envisioned to become a country of domestics and off-shore warm-bodies service providers to include endos in malls, restaurants, and other business process services. Yet, poverty is at its height, the FOREX values at their lowest, the power cost at its highest, mass transport at its worst, drugs and crime at their pinnacle, with oligarchy getting wealthier, public service and the courts at their worst corrupted state. The discussions became heated and would not stop!

It was then that the discussion shifted to the new president who was perceived to be trying his best to correct the system of being a failed state, but who is perceived to be standing alone, surrounded by a cabinet that could not, or worse, were reluctant to support him for many reasons, the worst, this group could even dare to project!

It was then that a rapid coming to terms to organize a Philippine National Movement to “Save the Nation” under the tutelage of former DEPED USec Antonio “Butch” Valdes was integrated into this continued round-table discussion that the idea to form the “Citizen National Guard” Movement was born and it came into being upon the encouragement and inspiration of Mr. Butch Valdes with the fired-up agreement to coalesce by the following, and now is being launched to be the spearhead that would awaken the Filipino that would conceptualize and give birth to a nation of patriots and nationalists whose being born as citizens automatically establishes their being recognized as Soldiers of the Republic who will “Defend the Country, Protect the People and Support the President”! This is the battle-cry of the Citizen National Guard, whose earliest movants and proponents are listed herewith as follows;

1. The late COMMO ISIDRO P BAÑARIA PCG (Ret) (+),
3. Former DND DIRECTOR (Philippine Marine Corps Reserve MAJOR) HORACIO S GONZALEZ ChE CSEE,
8. Princess Nur-Ana Indanan Sahidulla, former Mayor, former Vice Governor, former Congresswoman of the 2nd District of Jolo, Sulu,
9. Atty (2Lt, Philippine Army Reserve) Ramon A Pedrosa,
10. Professor and former DepEd USec Antonio A.S. Valdes CPA and Principal Convenor of the Save the Nation Movement,
11. The Association of Former Marines Inc., Chaired by MAJOR REYNALDO DE VILLA PN(M)(Ret),
12. Mr Eexxaever Archivido of Save the Nation Movement,
13. Ms Maria Catherine Cruz of the Save the Nation Movement and her personal advocacy program “Tuklasin Natin”,
14. And, finally, not last nor the least Dr Ricardo D. Fulgencio IV CPA PhD of the Christian Peace Alliance.

We, thus, proclaim the launch of the CITIZEN NATIONAL GUARD that will undertake the challenge to awaken the Filipino people, ALL CITIZENS, and instill the psyche of Nationalism, and especially Patriotism, which will bring forth the birth of ONE nation loyal and committed to defend the country, protect the people and support the President, from any and all threats, external or internal, until our last breaths, and we swear on our HONOR as Citizen National Guard soldiers, SO HELP US GOD!


Let, therefore, the Citizen National Guard and all citizen patriots catalyze a Philippine Renaissance – a sovereign nation of one people committed to the upliftment of the quality of life of ALL FILIPINOS and for all future generations yet to come and for posterity.